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Special Thank You To Sis. Lisa Mears for summarizing the Pastor's Messages

The Word For The Week

Sermon Title: Signs of the End Times Scripture reference: Matthew 24:L-44 Sermon: 2 Peter 3:10 Looking at the preeminent Church here, heaven is fixing to shout with glory. The end is coming near, and unfortunately people are abandoning their faith, increase of wickedness is multiplying, proclamation of nations is happening. The "Antichrist" is soon at hand if not already, we're seeing the end times now, even Bibles are being so taken out of original text that you're not understanding the original messages that Jesus has sent. Jerusalem.. Deceases are multiplying as deaths are rising now.. The end of "cash" technology is taking over, everything is encrypted now. Visa, MasterCard will be the only way unless they decide to start implanting "the chip" instead. Signs of Christ is showing now. it's going to be on top of us before we actually realize it. When your day is up...are you saved? are you born again? are we sitting comfortably in our homes when we should be getting for Christ's coming? Yes! We've become too complacent in serving the Lord, Let's move let's fight like soldiers, and raise as His warriors and conduct ourselves according to scripture NOW. It's time to MOVE now and say "here's where I need to be", " I need to get ready to go home now to my Lord" Where are you in your spiritual being? Are you ready?

  November 2020  
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